About Dana


Hi I'm Dana. I grew up on the shoreline in Connecticut to two craftsperson parents. I studied at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore, earning my BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture in 2012. Most of my time there was spent studying textile design, but also, photography, woodworking, ceramics, and drawing. I learned how to carve pots with organic geometric patterns from Leslie Thompson, who I studied with in 2011. I met her at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore, a show I now exhibit at myself. 



When I graduated from college, I was working in a restaurant and keeping an urban garden and not making much artwork at all. Out of the blue, some carved pottery I had on display in a boutique in New York was discovered by a style editor of the New York Times. After a selective process I was chosen to appear in a story about the future of ceramics. This stroke of luck jump started my career in ceramics, and I've been working at it full time ever since. 



I make all the work myself in my tiny home studio in Lancaster County, PA. Each piece is hand thrown on the potters wheel using English Porcelain. When the pot is still wet I paint on many layers of black slip. Then I draw a grid freehand and design patterns right on the pot. This decoration is all done when the pot is leather-hard, about the texture of parmesan cheese. When the pot is bone dry, it's fired once, then coated in clear glaze and fired for a final time. 


Most of my available work will be available here on the webshop. Each piece is unique, which keeps things interesting while I'm designing and creating the work, and for my collectors and customers. If you see something you like that's out of stock, let me know and we may be able to work out a commission. You can find my work at shops around the US, and meet me in person with my entire collection at one of the many craft shows I exhibit at. For more information about upcoming events and current stockists click here

In addition to pottery, I keep a large garden and enjoy cooking and processing food. Many of the pots I make are a response to this lifestyle and can be used for a variety of cooking and planting needs.